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West Highland White Terrier

Cesky-Terrier "Pauline"

West-Highland-White-Terrier since 1988 Cesky Terrier since 1996
When in 1988 our first West-Highland-White-
Terrier came into the family, this was the
beginning of an infinite passion, wich continues
´til today.
Meanwhile four Westies live with us, they all
come from the kennel "General´s", breeder
is Mrs. Georgi from Berlin.
We practise the breed in a small and sensible
way, ´cause quality is more important to us
than quantity!
So we are very successful on national and
international exibitions with our Westies.
But also the new owners of our little goblins are
enthusiastic and very satisfied.
Of course our dogs accompany us also on all of
our trips.
Now we can´t imagine a life without our little
darlings anymore.
In october 1996, during a visit of a friendly
Westie-breeder, we became attentive onto
the Cesky-bitch "Almera Andel". We fell in
love immediatelly with this other kind of
terrier, and so "Almera Andel" was added soon
to our Westie - pack.
I would like to discribe the Cesky as an
attentive, temperament-full and extremely
faithful dog. With this dog it never becomes
boring, it has always new game-ideas, and
also at a ripe old age it´s still very merry,
playful, persisting and active.
Meanwhile live 3 bitches and 1 male dog with
us."Almera Andel" and "Cedro vom Lichtblick"
are the main dogs of our small hobby-breed,
they are very successful on national and
international exibitions and achieved many
In the last 5 years fell 3 litters in our kennel,
and also the junior staff presents itself
already successful on exibitions.
At all, these successes show us, we´re on the
correct way !